7 Steps to Effectively
Run Your HOA

JSP Toolbox created the 7 Steps to Effectively Run your HOA as a resource of practical information to enable and empower homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to complement their current property management service or to run themselves.  Created in a user-friendly format and context, this guidebook helps HOAs with all aspects of HOA operations.

Step 1: Do’s & Don’ts for HOAs

Step 2: Roles of Board of Directors and Owners

Step 3: Effective Systems & Policies

Step 4: Communications

Step 5: Maintenance

Step 6: Financials

Step 7: Buying, Selling, and Renting in an HOA

With examples that can be used by the HOA included, 7 Steps to Effectively Run your HOA is a valued reference tool full of case examples and cautionary notes to help HOAs navigate real-world items that can impact HOAs.  Many more examples to aid in managing your association can be found in the Member section of JSP Toolbox under ‘HOA Forms & Templates’.

This document does not offer legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice or risks associated with HOAs.  Readers are advised to seek appropriate legal and other professional advice and consultation before making final decisions in this regard.