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JSP Toolbox was created by JSP Properties

JSP Properties is a property management company serving large-scale residential condos and communities in Minnesota and California. For our full-service clients, we manage day-to-day operations including maintenance, bill paying, tenant selection, professional marketing and more.

We created JSP Toolbox to empower HOAs.

Some HOAs can afford to hire a full-service management company like JSP Properties. But some HOAs don’t have the budget to do this, or simply prefer to run themselves. We created JSP Toolbox to empower HOAs to manage themselves easily and affordably.

JSP Toolbox includes the exact same tools and forms we use with our full-service clients, but we don’t simply hand off these resources and walk away. We provide guidance and support you as you learn to use JSP Toolbox, so you can truly make the most of this resource. This support is included in the monthly cost of JSP Toolbox. Learn more about features.

Professional managers use JSP Toolbox, too.

JSP Toolbox equips professional property managers with all the tools they need to manage clients’ HOAs, at a great value. Compared to ultra-expensive property management software that has lots of bells and whistles you won’t ever use, JSP Toolbox offers a streamlined system for just $99.95/month. And unlike overly complex software, JSP Toolbox makes it easy to delegate tasks to HOA board members—because they’re able to log in to this user-friendly toolkit, too. What’s more, using JSP Toolbox can:

  • Increase your profits by reducing technology expenses
  • Help you complete HOA management tasks more efficiently, leaving you more time to grow your business

Interested in full-service management?

We oversee properties in Minnesota and California. If you live elsewhere, we’d be glad to recommend a management company in your area.

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