April 2022 Newsletter


April 1st, 2022

HOA Living – Spring Projects and Upkeep in your Home

The weather warms, daylight savings time takes away an hour from us and the days seem to get longer.  It’s Spring and in most parts of the US, it’s a time when many indoor only activities start becoming outdoor activities.  And when thoughts of Spring Cleaning brings the list of to do items for your home.  





It is important to keep your gutters and downspouts clean. TIP: Make sure all downspouts face away from the foundation of your home. Taking a moment to inspect the operation of your sprinklers, ensuring they are properly aimed and working. Take a moment to assess the walls and floors in search of any leaks, stains, or mold. Catching these early can save you lots of time & money.


The key is balancing your time and levels of expertise. Below are projects you can easily complete to help preserve, protect, and maintain your Home:

  1. Cleaning Interior mechanical and safety areas
    1. Ducts (heating/cooling)
    2. Vents (dryer and chimney)
  2. Replacing Interior items:
    1. Furnace filters, 
    2. Range hood filters, 
    3. Batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms (replace actual fixture if outside useful age)
  3. Exterior Cleaning items:
    1. Gutters
    2. Window screens
    3. Decks/walks/patios/balconies

The To Do List can seem never-ending.  Many times homes in a Home Owner Association (HOA) can participate in HOA arranged Spring Cleanup activities also. It is oftentimes common to have planned dates in your HOA Community for:

  1. Garage sales
  2. Disposal of large items beyond regular garbage service
  3. Community clean up days 
  4. Utilizing vendor services arranged by HOA but to serve many homes with preferred pricing for those projects that may be a bit too much for your DYI plans.   Keep an eye out for these services sometimes done through the HOA:
    1. Window cleaning
    2. Power washing of decks/patios
    3. Lawn care and treatment
    4. Pool start up and treatment

Whether through your HOA or on your own, it is best to hire the right vendor and follow this practice. Doing things once and only once.  That alone involves proper vendor selection, making project area accessible and available to complete on time, and minimizing contributory factors that can slow or stop projects. In HOAs, those factors can be the HOA itself and not complying with the needed items, processes, procedures set forth by the HOA.  Taking the chance that your HOA won’t find out or won’t care are not recommendations if your project rises to levels where compliance with your HOA rules and procedures are required.  Don’t let the HOA be the factor to slow or stop your project.



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Miami, FL: Bunnypalooza at the Miami Seaquarium

Tulsa, OK: Bunny Scavenger Hunt & Eggs Hunt

Seattle, WA: Beat the Bunny 5K Run/Walk

Chicago, IL: Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Lincoln Park Zoo


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The spring season is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore new trails. We have hand-picked some scenic trails in areas near you for some popular, springtime adventures.

Boston, MA: The Charles River Esplanade

Coachella Valley, CA: Palms Oasis in the Coachella Valley Preserve

Two Harbors, MN: Gooseberry Falls State Park

Brooksville, FL: Withlacoochee State Forest

Helen, GA: Raven Cliff Falls Trailhead

Indianapolis, IN: Schoen Creek Trails


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