Does Your HOA Management Technology Have PACTS?

March 21st, 2019

The right technology can make self-managing an HOA easier and more efficient. But not all technology is created equal. How can you be sure you’ve chosen the best tools for the job?

Recently, I came across the acronym PACTS in an article in Barron’s Magazine[1]. The author used PACTS to explain 5 essential traits to look for in an online broker. I deal in property management, not brokerage, but the same the 5 traits apply to property management software.

When choosing software to self-manage your HOA, it’s important to choose technology that has PACTS:

  1. Personalization
  2. Accessibility
  3. Convenience
  4. Thoroughness
  5. Sophistication

JSP Toolbox has PACTS
JSP Toolbox is a groundbreaking new HOA management system. It gives you Basecamp, Gmail and QuickBooks, which help you self-manage your HOA securely and easily. Everything you need is in one centralized, online location, which all of your HOA board members can access.

Let’s take a look at the PACTS of JSP Toolbox:

Personalization. When becoming a member of JSP Toolbox, we’ll do the initial setup of your QuickBooks, Basecamp and Gmail accounts. Once we’ve configured these tools with the basics of your HOA, we’ll hand them off to you. You’ll continue to personalize the tools over time, which will help you complete HOA tasks as efficiently as possible.

Accessibility. Unlike property management software that only lives on a desktop computer, JSP Toolbox is cloud-based technology. That means you can log in from any computer, and multiple users can access the same tools. If you need help using JSP Toolbox, you have access to support. Your JSP Toolbox subscription includes get-started guides, financial models, templates, and an “Ask the Expert” area. Need additional help? You can purchase a consultation with one of the management professionals at JSP Properties. 

Convenience. To make self-managing your HOA as simple and convenient as possible, JSP Toolbox gives you the very best tools for the job. QuickBooks, Basecamp, and Gmail are used for JSP Toolbox because they’re incredible programs that integrate with each other seamlessly. We’ve tried pretty every property management tool out there, so when we say these 3 are the best, we know what we’re talking about. And what could be more convenient than logging in to just one website—JSP Toolbox—and having secure access to all of your HOA management tools?

Thoroughness. There are so many details to track when managing an HOA. Among these are collecting payments, handling maintenance requests, communicating with homeowners and vendors—not to mention keeping up with ever-changing state laws that impact your HOA. JSP Toolbox is a thorough system that helps you stay on top of everything. Set up automated payment reminders, check our Resources section for links to up-to-date state laws, and use ready-made templates to create detailed budgets and financial reports.

Sophistication. JSP Toolbox takes the most refined, time-tested tools (QuickBooks, Basecamp, and Gmail), and adds a level of ease and sophistication by bundling them together. Instead of logging into 3 separate websites, you’ll use your JSP Toolbox member login to access all the tools in just one place. It’s pretty slick. Plus, the monthly cost of JSP Toolbox is much less than what you’d pay to use the three core tools separately.

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Does Your HOA Management Technology Have PACTS?


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