Save Time with Downloadable HOA Documents

June 10th, 2019

To successfully run an HOA, you need the right documents to help you make a budget, track financials, and stay on top of maintenance needs. Many self-managed HOAs create these documents from scratch, which takes a lot of time. Not only that, when you create the documents yourself, you may accidentally leave out important line items.

To save you time, reduce hassle and improve efficiency, JSP Toolbox includes a set of downloadable documents. We’ve been professionally managing HOAs for decades, and we’ve ensured that these docs include all of the important details you need to track when self-managing an HOA. Once you join JSP Toolbox, you can download these documents at no additional charge, and adapt them to suit the needs of your HOA.  We offer customized documents through our online management tools. 

Let’s take a closer look at these docs and how they can make running your HOA a whole lot easier:

  1. Annual Budget

Use the Annual Budget spreadsheet to track revenue and expenses for each fiscal year. Includes 26 income line items and 91 expense line items.

  1. Financial Summary

Use our Financial Summary spreadsheet to create the periodic income statement (profit/loss statement) and balance sheet accounts (assets/liabilities & equity).

  1. Newsletter Template

Our editable newsletter template makes it easy to keep in touch with the homeowners in your HOA. Use the template to send out seasonal maintenance tips, announce upcoming events and activities, and share HOA news.

  1. Maintenance Plan

Easily coordinate your HOA’s maintenance efforts with this spreadsheet. We’ve accounted for every aspect of your HOA, including interior and exterior building elements, and shared spaces.

  1. State Law References

When running an HOA, your board is responsible for staying up to date on the governing state laws that impact your HOA. These laws frequently change, which makes it hard to stay on top of them. This downloadable guide makes it easy to find the state law information you need.

These five helpful, time-saving resources (and more!) are available when you start your free trial of JSP Toolbox.