HOA Management: How Digital Tools Can Replace Analog Processes

August 1st, 2019

There are some things the online experience just can’t replace. A face-to-face hangout with a friend will always beat someone “friending” you on Facebook. A dashed-off thank-you email is no substitute for a handwritten thank-you sent via snail mail. But when it comes to managing an HOA, most analog processes can be replaced with more efficient, effective web-based solutions.

Shifting most or all of your HOA management tasks to a digital platform has many benefits. One of the key advantages is this: Automating routine tasks saves time and energy. This is true whether you’re an HOA board member helping to run your homeowner association, or a professional property manager serving HOA clients.

Let’s take a look at some old methods you may still be using to run an HOA, and some new tricks to try:


Old way

New way

Mail notices to HOA residents, or notify them by phone

Post notices online or send email newsletters

In-person maintenance meetings

Virtual meetings online. Participants can join from any digital device

Residents submit maintenance requests by phone

Residents submit maintenance requests via online form. Easier to track requests and schedule maintenance.

Fax or mail hard copy documents

Download and securely upload digital documents

Sign hard copies, then fax or mail them

Use online signatures to process documents more quickly

Limited office hours

24/7 hour access to information online

Hard copy document retention. Takes up a lot of space and can be hard to locate docs when you need them.

Secure online or digital storage. Takes up no physical space and info is easy to search and find.

Most HOA expertise and processes reside in the people who manage the HOA. If someone leaves, they take the expertise and processes with them. The replacement person has to start from scratch.  

HOA management expertise and processes reside primarily within technology system. If someone leaves, the system retains the info, and a new person can pick up where things left off.


“But we’ve always done it this way. Why change it?”
We know—change is hard. It’s understandable that it might feel easier to continue using your existing system and processes, even if they’re not as efficient as they could be. The transition to a new system will require an investment of time and energy up front, until things get up and running, and everyone adjusts to the new way of operating. But consider this: Your initial investment to set up and learn digital tools will likely save your HOA lots of time and energy down the road.

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