How a Small HOA Can Run as Smoothly as a Big HOA

March 29th, 2019

Big HOAs can often afford to hire a property management company. A management firm handles all of the HOA business, from collecting payments to fielding maintenance requests. They ensure that everything runs smoothly. Small HOAs usually can’t afford to hire a property manager. They may self-manage, which has the benefit of being inexpensive. But self-managing an HOA can also have drawbacks. It can feel overwhelming to:

  • Figure out which property management software you should use to track payments and expenses
  • Correspond with fellow board members and homeowners—with no centralized communication system, things fall through the cracks
  • Stay on top of state laws that impact your HOA. Are we complying with current regulations?

There is a way to make handling HOA business easier and more efficient AND stay within your budget.

How? By choosing the right technology to help you self-manage. Which technology tools should you use? The same ones that we use at JSP Properties, a property management firm.

JSP Toolbox: Everything you need for DIY HOA management
For many years, our professional managers have relied on three core programs—Basecamp, Gmail and QuickBooks, to manage HOAs. JSP Toolbox is an online system that gives you these three programs in one centralized location, which all HOA board members can access. The software we’ve packaged into JSP Toolbox has all of the security features you need to keep your HOA data private and safe. JSP Toolbox is affordable—a subscription costs a fraction of what you’d pay to use Basecamp and QuickBooks separately and includes many additional resources.

Big HOAs can turn to their management firm when they have questions. As a small self-managed HOA, you might not know where to turn for answers. JSP Toolbox has a resource center, which features:

  • Financial models and templates
  • Getting-started guides
  • “Ask an Expert”, where you can submit a question and receive expert advice
  • Members-only blog posts with timely topics

We created JSP Toolbox to help level the playing field for smaller, self-managed HOAs. Professionally managed HOAs can use it too. Our goal is to equip you with the very best property management software and resources, so you can self-manage with confidence and ease.

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