January 2022 Newsletter

January 1st, 2022

What you need to know about HOAs

Living in a Home Owner Association (HOA) is different.  The below are aspects of living that you need to know about HOAs.  You are a member in a club. Whether you want to or not, you join an HOA when you purchase your home that is in an HOA. Joining is not optional. Not doing anything is not an option; you must act.

The HOA has Rules

HOAs offer benefits

As a member, you must follow rules and regulations – and what is commonly called CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) These are what they sound like – limitations on what you can and cannot do.

  • Rules also determine that you must pay an annual (or most commonly a monthly assessment to the HOA).
  • There are ramifications if you do not follow the Rules.
  • Like any good Rule, it is only as good as the enforcement.
  • Not following the Rules can result in fines, costs, or worse.
  • The process involved in Rules enforcement and rights to be heard are oftentimes slow and sometimes confusing.
  • Documents tell you what you can and cannot do.
  • Provided to you before you buy your home (or should be), these can be lengthy, written in a confusing legalese manner that may not make sense.
  • Oftentimes, these are intentionally unclear.
  • Reading and understanding is fundamental.
  • Real estate professionals (aka agents and brokers) may not always understand.
  • Each HOA has its own Rules and the way it does things.
  • A real estate professional may not be clear on overall HOA Rules, let alone specific HOAs.
  • Reading HOA CC&Rs may not provide an understanding you may need as a buyer/seller.
  • HOAs are nonprofit corporations, but not-for-profit.
  • You must pay your HOA assessments. Not paying can result in liens against your property, costs, fines, and worse
  • This is not something you can ignore and it will go away.
  • You cannot do as you please in your home.
  • The HOA has architectural guidelines in almost all instances.
  • These limit what you can and cannot do on your home’s exterior.
  • Some limit what you can do inside your home (condos, co-ops, townhomes).
  • Getting to know your neighbors 
  • Social events to meet other HOA owners
  • Assistance with vendors to help on your home projects – HOAs often have deeper benches of resources
Deciding to live in a home within an HOA is an important decision. Understanding what HOAs do and don’t do, and what you can and cannot do, is vital to learning what you need to know about HOAs.
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