Winter 2022 Newsletter

December 1st, 2022


It’s the holiday season & JSP Toolbox wants to wish you & your loved one’s seasons greetings. It has been our pleasure working with you this year & we look forward to what this next year has in store for us. As always, we enjoy providing for your needs with responsive, personal & professional services anytime, anywhere. From our association to yours, Happy Holidays!

Changing weather in the fall means it’s holiday season.  Many parts of the county experience four distinct weather seasons.   Living in an HOA comes with it important considerations as the weather cools, snow comes, and holiday season rolls in.  Below are Five Tips for the Changing Seasons and Holiday Seasons.


1. Turn Off Outdoor Faucets
Turn off water access to exterior faucets and drain the pipes before freezing temperatures arrive. Water left in the pipes can freeze and cause the pipes to burst, which can be costly to replace.

2. Work with your HOA and Snow Vendor to Mark Important Points for Snow Plowing
Things like fire hydrants and curbs become harder to see when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Set out snow plow markers before the first ground freeze or snowfall to mitigate risk to curbs and utilities. Paths and walkways for guests like holiday visitors should be clear and safe.

3. Seal Cracks in Pavement
Cracked pavement can trap water, and if temperatures drop, the frozen water can expand and make cracks worse, eventually leading to potholes. Slurry seal should be applied in either the spring or fall, so if you’ve missed your opportunity this winter, make it one of your first priorities for the spring to mitigate.

4. Adjust your Timer lights
For exterior lighting, changing seasons means shortened days in winter and longer days in the summer. Adjusting your lighting, along with the HOA’s common areas helps in energy conservation as well as community safety. Utilizing modern dusk to dawn LED or similar lighting also assists. This becomes even more important for modern technology camera, door bell, and monitoring systems to ensure proper lighting is available to match natural light changes. For interiors in many vacation/seasonal areas, adjusting your interior lights is important as well. More so as a safety measure and to ensure to others that attention is spent on your home.

5. Holiday lights and Decorations
HOAs tend to have timeframes when an owner can decorate their home exteriors. Being mindful of not getting to excited and decorate too early or waiting too long to take down the decorations and lighting is a safe way to ensure HOA compliance. It also can indicate to uninvited persons how well one does or does not pay attention to their home, which may open unnecessary attention and even unwanted burglars.

Winter Solstice: The start of winter is on December 21st, so mark your calendars for the day with the shortest daylight period of the year.



Oven roasted sweet potatoes

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Roasted sweet potatoes make the perfect side dish for any fall meal. These savory sweet potatoes are cooked with onions and garlic, then drizzled with balsamic vinegar before serving.

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A moist, spiced pumpkin sheet cake is spread with a vanilla cream cheese filling, then rolled up and dusted with powdered sugar for an after-dinner treat that’s both elegant and delicious.

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